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Bible Chronology Books
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  History, Harmony & The Hebrew Kings History, Harmony & The Hebrew Kings
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  History, Harmoney & The Exile & Return History, Harmoney & The Exile & Return
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  History, Harmoney & Daniel History, Harmoney & Daniel
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  Bible Chronology & The Scientific Method Bible Chronology & The Scientific Method
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About The Author
Eugene Faulstich the Author

Called by God

Reared on an Iowa farm, Mr.. Faulstich (a modestly successful inventor, industrialist, and practical electronics engineer) was exposed to the Bible inerrancy controversy in the early 1970’s through a division within the Lutheran denomination to which he belonged. He felt compelled to do something to resolve the dilemma.

What was His Response?

He sold his business, and founded an institute to further investigate the inerrancy question. This institute employed a computer programmer and astronomer. It also employed a man with his doctorate in Near East studies. A building was purchased, and the necessary clerical and maintenance help was also employed. For eight years a program of research took place. Their method was to develop calendar conversion programs so that the Biblical dates and calendars could be understood and tested. Then they researched all other ancient historical records to evaluate them.

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God Honored Their Response

God allowed them to find accuracies which evaded previous scholars. The dates in the Bible were found to be precisely testable and accurate to the day. Twenty monographs and four volumes were published on their findings. Through them: 1) We can use the scientific method, to show that Christianity is the only true religion. 2) We can settle many questions which divide Christians. 3) We can keep our young from falling for the pseudo science called “evolution.” 4) We can examine the many modern interpretations of Daniel’s prophecies and make up our own mind about the things we read.